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Edmentum/PLATO: Course Navigation

This support guide will walk you through how to navigate to your courses. Before you get started in any of your courses, be sure that you have read through the entire course syllabus for each enrolled course.

Throughout your session, TRECA will send all emails from the following email address: no-reply@treca.org. Please be sure to edit your spam/junk email settings and add no-reply@treca.org as a trusted/safe sender. This will ensure that your spam filter does not block our emails. You will receive the email with your login the day before classes start.


Go to https://login.edmentum.com/ and log in. 

  • Account Login: treca
  • User Name: your username
  • Password: your password

Below the login, you'll find an announcements section. These are posted by Edmentum/PLATO and will provide you with advanced notification about updates, so you can plan your time accordingly. You can disregard messages about their customer support center, as you will use TRECA’s support center for technical support.

The image below shows the home screen. All of your courses are listed under Active Assignments. After you have completed all assignments, select "All My Work" to see all courses.

Even if Edmentum/PLATO shows the course is completed, you may not have met all course requirements so you may not yet earn credit for the course.  When viewing all activities in a course, you can use the ribbon at the top of the page to easily filter between the different progress types.  If you click the yellow "Completed Not Mastered" tab, you can filter out all other lessons so that you can see which Mastery Tests still need to be retaken. 

You will be responsible for checking your email accounts (provided through online registration) on a regular basis and checking the alerts section for updates about the TRECA Flex program.    

Starting a Course

Find the course you would like to start and click on the blue All Activities link in the bottom left-hand side.

All units of the course will be displayed. Click the symbol beside each unit to expand it and see your modules. 

There is a series of seven modules within Unit 1, as you can see in the image below. To open a module just click it. 

When you click on a module, you will see the activities listed. Here the “Positive Work Ethics” module is open, and there are two activities in this module.

Opening a Tutorial

Click on the tutorial to open it and get started. Below is an example of what a tutorial will look like when opened. Click the next and back arrows in the top right to navigate through the tutorials. You may go through the tutorials as many times as you like to review the material before moving on. Make sure to use the exit button when you are finished with any of the activities in Edmentum. 

In a blue bar on the lefthand side of the page are tools and features to help with the tutorials. The next page provides a quick description of each tool available within the tutorial.