Submitting Work with Dropbox in Brightspace
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Submitting Work with Dropbox in Brightspace

Getting Started

To begin submitting a Dropbox assignment, you will first need to log into Brightspace. Once you are logged in, select the course with the Dropbox assignment via the pulldown menu at the top of the page or via the My Courses section on the right of the News on the Brightspace homepage.

What is Dropbox?

Dropbox is a tool within Brightspace that is used to gather assignments from students. These can be essays and reports in the form of document files, speeches and presentations in the form of audio or video files, or anything else your teacher might assign for you to complete outside of Brightspace.

The quickest way to notice your Dropbox assignments from the others is the Dropbox logo below.

Using Dropbox

When you access a Dropbox assignment, it should give you directions from your teacher at the top and below there should be three buttons, Upload, Record, and Choose Existing. Although Record and Choose Existing are present, only use Upload to submit your assignments.

After clicking Upload, your File Browser should open. From here, you will want to find the file you created to complete the assignment and then click Open.

Submitting Your Work

Once you have uploaded your work to Dropbox, it will appear below the Upload, Record, and Choose Existing buttons. Make sure this is the assignment you want to submit and click Submit to Dropbox.

Once you have clicked Submit to Dropbox, it will now show your assignment under Submissions and give the date and time you submitted your work. A confirmation email will be sent to your teacher to notify them that you have submitted work for them to review.

Receiving Feedback on Assignments

Once your teacher has reviewed your assignment, they may provide feedback in the form of comments and corrections, a grade for the assignment, or a request to make changes and submit again.

Regardless of what type of feedback your teacher leaves, you will be notified in your My Courses section on the Brightspace homepage. From here you should see a green box with a number indicating the notifications for that course.