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Understanding Daily Summary with Time

Parents and students will notice new features when reviewing student time in the Evolve Portal. These new features will provide more detail on student hours and attendance.

Hours Category Breakdown

There are four different categories which will show how the student is progressing. This is broken down in Weekly Hours, Month to Date Hours, Year to Date Hours, and Yearly Hours.

Weekly Hours - This category displays how many hours need to be completed from the start of the school week to the end of the school week, i.e. Monday through Friday.

Month to Date Hours - This category displays the students hours from the 1st of the month to the current day of the month, i.e. October 1st to October 26th like the image above shows.

Year to Date Hours - This category displays the hours from the beginning of the current school year to the current day of the month, i.e. August 24th to October 26th like the image above shows.

Yearly Hours - This final category will show you the hours from the students enrollment date to the end of the school year.

Hours Breakdown

Within these categories you will see three different hours: Expected Hours, Attended Hours, and Absent Hours. These numbers will allow a better understanding of how much time the student should work (expected) and how much time they have actually worked (attended).

Expected Hours - These hours are what the student should accumulate to stay on track in that category.

Attended Hours - These hours are showing what the student has completed so far in that category.

Absent Hours - These hours are what the student still needs to complete in that specific category.

Day to Day Breakdown

Getting a further breakdown of day by day hours and attendance is possible by selecting a date range. You can do this by clicking the box under From Date and then clicking the box under To Date, click Go.

Note: Depending on how many days were selected this can take some time to fully load.

Once your selected days have loaded you will see a list with information on attendance and time for each day. Attendance Date will tell you the day. Code will give you the students attendance for that day and Reason gives an explanation. The code letters are as follows:

E - Excused, You have spoken with attendance about being out of school that day or have an exchange request put in.

P - Present, The student logged in and met the 5 hours and 7 minute daily requirement.

U - Unexcused, The student did not log in and attendance wasn't notified about missing that day.

T - Tardy, This will not be used for TDA students.

L - Limited, The student logged in but did not meet the 5 hours and 7 minute daily requirement.

You will also see a breakdown of hours for each day under Daily Time Summary, which is broken down to Total Time, Online Time, Offline Time, and Absent Time.

Total Time - This is the total of online and offline time for that day.

Online Time - This is the time spent online doing school work.

Offline Time - This is reported student time for work done off of the computer.

Absent Time -  This is the time still needed for that day if you did not complete the 5 hours and 7 minutes, i.e. if you have 4 hours of total time then absent time would be 1 hour and 7 minutes.

Weekly Recorded Time and Monthly Recorded Time is most of your computer time off of Brightspace, so this will not appear on everyday. 

Note: To look at more days you will need to click the arrows or numbers in the bottom right corner to change the page.

How Expected Time is Calculated

The weekly, month to date, year to date and yearly hours all take into consideration the student's start date.

For students who enrolled in the current week, the expected hours are prorated to reflect the total hours needed since the enrollment date for the week.

For students who enrolled after the first day of school the expected hours are prorated to reflect the total hours needed since the enrollment date for the month to date, year to date, and yearly.

Note: For students in PSEO or Career Tech, the expected hours are calculated based on the number of courses students are taking with TRECA. These students can contact their school counselor for more details.