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Updating Information in the Evolve Portal

Getting Started

Inside of the Evolve Portal, you have the ability to update contact information such as your home address and active phone numbers. To update this information, select the Do you have an Address Change? button inside of your Dashboard.

Now you should be on the "Demographics" page. Next to each line of information is the Submit Update button. Here, you can also add a new phone number if you have a newly acquired phone.

Updating Your Address

If you need to update your address, simply enter your new address in the "Street Address" section of the form. This will autofill from a list of valid addresses. Select your address from the autofill list and it will fill in the rest of the information for you automatically. 

Next, enter the date you moved to the address and attach an image for Proof of Residency. Once you attach your Proof of Residency, click Submit For Approval in the bottom right corner of the form.

Once the address change has been submitted, you should see a blue icon indicating that it was sent successfully.

Updating Your Phone Number

Once you click Submit Update or Add a New Phone Number you should see the following screen appear. 

Enter the phone number, select what type of phone it is (home, cell, etc.), and what date you started using the number. After all of the information is entered, click Submit For Approval in the bottom right.

After you successfully submit a change, you will see a blue icon indicating that we have received your request.