Using Email
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Using Email

To communicate with all TRECA staff members, students will be using Google Mail (Gmail). This page will show you how to initially set up the Google Mail widget in Brightspace, how to access Google Mail, and how to use email features.

Authorizing your Google Account

After logging into Brightspace you will be on the homepage. On the right side of the page you will see a section for Google Apps.

You will want to click on the Authorize button.

Once you select Authorize a smaller window will pop up asking you to sign in with Google. The first window will ask you enter your email which will be your Brightspace username. The email login will already have filled in "" so you do not need to type that portion of your email. Now simply click Next.

The next window will ask for your password. Your email password is the same as your Brightspace password. Type the password and click Next.

You will now be prompted to a "Welcome to your new account" window. There will be a big Accept button at the bottom that you need to click.

Note: You might have to scroll down on the page to see the accept button.

The last window you receive will want you to allow Brightspace to access your Google account. You just need to click Allow at the bottom of the screen.

Note: You might have to scroll down on the page to see the accept button.

Accessing Google Mail

Now that you have linked Google and Brightspace the homepage will now show Google Mail, Google Drive, and Upcoming Events under the Google Apps widget.

To get into your Google Mail you just need to click where it says Unread Mail next to the envelope icon.

Note: The number in parentheses tells you how many unread emails you have.

Sending and Receiving Emails

Now that you have clicked the link to Google Mail you will open to the homepage of your email. This is where you send and receive emails. The main portion of the screen is where you will see received emails. You just need to click on the email for it to open.

Note: The first time you open Google Mail you will see "Get Started with Gmail" at the top of the page with customizing options. Simply click the X inside the box to get rid of this window.

Once you click and open the email you can read the body of the email and reply if needed. If you want to reply to the sender, click on Reply. This will send an email only to the person who originally sent it. If you want to reply to everyone who was sent the email, click Reply All. If you want to return to your inbox hit the back arrow in the email.

To write a new email, click on Compose in the left hand corner.

You will have a smaller window open in the bottom right corner. You are able to make this window larger by clicking the Double Sided Arrow. Start typing the name of the TRECA Staff member you want to email (your teacher, advisor, school counselor, etc.) in the To field and Google will select their address for you. Type a title in the Subject field, and your message in the Body. When the email is ready click the Send button. If you need to attach a picture or document to the email click the Paper Clip, and if you want to discard the email click the Trash Can.

Note: TRECA staff are already in the student contacts. Just type the staff members name or email address in the To field and it should pop up for you to select.

Using Folders and Contacts

On the left hand side of the screen are various folders. Inbox is your main folder where most, if not all emails will be. Starred is for important emails you saved yourself by clicking the star icon on any email. Sent will show you all the emails you have sent out. Drafts is for unfinished emails you started and never finished. Spam is usually considered a "junk" folder. Trash is where deleted emails are stored.

Note: Deleted emails can be restored if in the Trash folder. Once they are removed from there, they are gone. Messages in Trash for 30 days are automatically deleted.

If you need to look up a staff members email, you can do this by going into the contact list. Click on the Google apps button, shown as 9 black dots in the upper right hand corner. A menu will open, click Contacts.

Once the web page opens you will need to click on Directory. This will show all the emails for TRECA staff. You are able to scroll through the entire list or you can type in the Search at the top for who you are looking for.