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August 03, 2017

Joe Lopez accepted into the National Geographic Expedition Program

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We’d like to congratulate Joe Lopez, 12th grader at TRECA Digital Academy, for being accepted into one of National Geographic's Summer expedition programs! Joe traveled to Belize this summer and worked with a marine biologist to evaluate the health of the coral reef. They collected data about different types of fish and other animals that inhabit the area, such as eels, rays, turtles, dolphins, and sharks and study ways to protect the animals. He said a lot of what they did and saw were things he studied in his zoology class at TRECA. 

Joe said it was the chance of a lifetime and it helped him to decide that he wants to be a marine biologist. He hopes to be able to find a way to save the coral reefs and the ecosystem.

Congratulations Joe! We’re very proud of you!

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