Navigating the Evolve Portal Dashboard
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Navigating the Evolve Portal Dashboard

Setting up the Dashboard

When you first log into the Evolve portal, you may notice the modules are inactive. You can make them active by setting up your dashboard and selecting the modules you wish to access. To begin, click Dashboard Setup.

After clicking Dashboard Setup, click Build/Update Dashboard.

You should now be at the Dashboard Builder. You will initially see red circles with a slash through each available module. Simply click which ones you would like to add. To see what each module includes, go to the Using Modules section. After selecting the modules, click Save in the bottom right.

Now that your Dashboard is set up, click on the Dashboard option.

Now you are ready to use your Evolve Portal Dashboard.

Using Modules

In this section, we will go over what each module contains and how it will function. Example images will be below each description. In all images, personal information has been blacked out to protect student confidentiality.


The Bulletins module will contain announcements regarding school activities and testing.

District & School Events/Calendar

In the District & School Events/Calendar module, you will be able to view school events including Teacher In-Service days, school holidays, and special interest events.


In the Demographics module, you will be able to view the information we have on file for the student. Here you can submit changes to address, phone number, contact information, etc. 


In the Assessments module, you will be able to view state test scores for your student(s). 

Attendance and Student Calendar

In the Attendance and Student Calendar module, you will be able to view the selected student's attendance and school calendar.  


In the Discipline module, you will be able to view past and ongoing disciplinary actions against a student.


In the Grades module, you will be able to view past classes and final grades for those courses. For high school students, you will also be able to view graduation progress.


In the Schedule module, you will be able to view current classes and the teachers for those courses.