Setting up the Evolve Portal
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Setting up the Evolve Portal

Getting Started

What is the Evolve Portal?

The Evolve Portal is for both students and parents. The portal allows users to track grades, report absences, view schedules, update contact information, and more. There are many more features on the way!

Accessing the Evolve Portal

You can get to the Evolve Portal by typing into the address bar in Google Chrome or by clicking the link above.

Account Setup

On the login page, click Create Account as seen below.

On the account creation page, enter the required information, including a unique username and password. The password must include a capital letter, lowercase letter, and number. After all the information is entered, click the Create button.

Now that your account has been created, log in using the username and password that you used in the account creation process. 

Linking Student(s)

Upon successful login, you should see a message asking you to link students to your account.

To begin the linking process, click the yellow Dashboard Setup button in the top right corner. 

Click the Link Students option on the dashboard setup screen.

On the Link Students page, enter the student's portal code. For TRECA Digital Academy students, the portal code is the password they use to access Brightspace daily. After you enter the portal code, enter the student's first and last names. Once you have entered the student's information, click Add. Repeat the previous steps for each additional student you wish to add. 

Once all students are in the "Linked Student(s)" list, click SAVE in the bottom right.

You should receive a confirmation message telling you that the students have been linked successfully.

You will then be redirected to the Evolve Portal Dashboard.

Setting up the Dashboard

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