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Using Emails in Brightspace

To communicate with all TRECA staff members, students will use the email feature inside of Brightspace. This only works with @tda.com email addresses. You will not be able to send or receive emails from other email servers (ex. @yahoo.com, @gmail.com, @hotmail.com, etc.). This page will help you learn to use the Brightspace email features.

Getting Started

To access emails, click on the small envelope icon at the top of any screen in Brightspace.

Note: When you have a new email to be read, you will see an orange dot on this envelope.

When you click on the envelope, a dropdown menu appears. If you have unread emails it will list them here.

Reading Email

To write or read any email, click "Email."

Below is the main email screen. From here you can read emails sent to you, or write your own to send to staff members.

To read an email sent to you, click on the Subject of the email.

Replying to Email

Once you have clicked on an email, it will open, allowing you to read or reply to the message.

If you would like to reply directly to the person who sent it, click on Reply. This will send an email only to the person who sent the original email. If you would like to reply to everyone who was sent the email, click Reply All.

Writing a New Email

To write a new email, click on Compose above your list of emails.

In the window that pops up, you can create your email. If it is the first time you are writing to a person, click the Address Book, and find their name. Next time you email that person, you can just type the name of that person in the To field. Type a title in the Subject field, and your message in the Body. When you are ready to send, click the Send button.