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Frequently Asked Questions

Is TRECA Tech similar to vocational school?

Vocational school has evolved into Career Technical Education, or what we call TRECA Tech. Most jobs today require some knowledge of technology and business to be successful. For example, mechanics are now called auto technicians, and they need to know how to use sophisticated car diagnostic tools. Secretaries are now administrative assistants, and must learn word processing, spreadsheets, and business management skills.

What are the requirements to enroll in TRECA Tech?

To enroll in TRECA Tech, you must be a full-time TRECA Digital Academy student; have a total GPA of 2.0 (or higher) or showing progress towards that grade point average; a 90% or better attendance rate; and participation in all state-mandated tests. You must also be in grades 9, 10, 11, or 12 and have up-to-date residency information on file. Students in grades 7 and 8 may enroll upon written recommendation from a parent, teacher, or counselor. If you have any questions on whether you meet all the requirements, please contact a school counselor or email

How do I apply for TRECA Tech?

First, make sure you meet all requirements (see above). Then, simply complete the application. It’s that easy! Your school counselor will notify you of your acceptance. If you have any questions, please contact your school counselor.

Can I still take other courses towards graduation if I enroll in TRECA Tech?

Absolutely! TRECA offers the necessary courses in math, English, science, and social studies that you need to graduate and earn your diploma. TRECA Tech courses are electives that you take right along with your other courses.

Do TRECA Tech courses count towards graduation credit?

Yes, all TRECA Tech courses are one semester or a full year long and count as elective credit towards graduation. All TRECA Tech courses are approved by the Ohio Department of Education.

Can I earn college credit through TRECA Tech?

Yes, some courses in a pathway are similar to what you would find in a college program. For these particular courses, you can earn college credit. For more information on which courses qualify, please visit TRECA Tech College Credit Offerings.

What is a pathway?

Each pathway consists of a series of courses focused on a particular industry skill set. To review all pathways, please visit the TRECA Tech page.

Should I take TRECA Tech courses if I plan on enrolling in post-secondary education, such as a community college, technical college, or university?

Upon completing a pathway, you’ll have a foundation that will make you competitive when applying to industry jobs. TRECA Tech courses also instill skills you can utilize in post-secondary education and can give you an advantage when applying to community colleges, universities, and technical schools. Students considering military careers will find many of the TRECA Tech courses helpful in choosing a specialty.

Can I earn industry certifications through TRECA Tech?

Yes! Many of our courses also have corresponding industry certifications. As with all industry certifications, preparation and study are key to passing the related exams. Students wishing to take an industry exam are required to complete additional prep outside the regular TRECA Tech course work. These exams are not offered by TRECA, but provided by independent test centers. For more information on industry exams, contact a school counselor or email

Does TRECA Tech require attendance in a physical classroom, or can I still take courses online?

TRECA Tech is based on the highly successful online instruction model. Students complete assignments and take assessments as they would with any TRECA course. At present, all TRECA Tech courses may be completed online, with the exception of state-required end of course exams.

Is there an end of course test?

Ohio Department of Education requires all career tech students pass end of course WebXams. TRECA Tech courses will prepare you for the WebXams by following Ohio standards. The WebXams are administered in person at one of the regional offices.