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Program Overview

Have you ever felt there had to be more to school than worksheets, classes, and papers? Well... we couldn't agree more! Our Credit Flex opportunities offer you the chance to achieve academic credit without needing to complete traditional class hours. Credit Flex is a program designed to help high school students earn academic credit by testing to show mastery of a course or completing a project-based proposal

It's your chance to prove your smarts. Show us what you know!

Testing to Show Mastery

This method is exactly what it sounds like! We allow students to test out of certain high school classes. It's a great opportunity to help reach your graduation goals! Students can master out of a 1-credit course (120 hours) by passing both semester A and semester B Credit Flex tests. 

Deadline: May 1

NOTE: This option is not for credit recovery for a previously failed class. Exemption from a class is based on demonstrating mastery of information you already know. One of the most important requirements  is being active in your other courses. Failure to do so will deem you ineligible to complete the test(s). If you cease progress in other classes, any mastery tests will be rescheduled until you resume work on a regular basis. 

Testing Considerations

Completing a Project

"Project-based learning?" We say, "project-based earning!

Earn credit by completing exciting projects! This method allows a student develop a unique project that will demonstrate knowledge. The Credit Flex Coordinator oversees the eventual project and helps ensure success!

Deadline: April 1

All projects must be approved by the Credit Flex Committee. Students will need to outline the learning goals, action plan, assessments, and timeline in paragraph form. One example of an approved project was flying lessons (the demonstration of mastery was a successful flight)!

Project Examples

Project Examples


Morgan earned a full elective credit while working a paid job at Scott’s Lawn Care. The Credit Flex Coordinator met with her every other week to check in on learning goals, the action plan, and assessments. Morgan’s final project was a PowerPoint presentation that motivated her audience to buy Scott’s products, and she used pay stubs to reflect her hours.

Working With Animals

Jacob was considering being a vet, so his Credit Flex project was working as a veterinarian technician. He met with the Coordinator every other week and provided written experiences with on-the-job photos! He also had the veterinarian sign off on his monthly hours. The experience was invaluable and prepared him for college!

Learning A Language

Elijah had a passion for learning new languages! Since he was already enrolled in a local Arabic workshop, he wanted to see about earning credit. Through regular meetings with the Credit Flex Coordinator and by submitting signed workshop materials, his hard work earned half of an elective credit!

Teaching Kids

Ava loved kids and wanted to work at a local daycare. She set up a Credit Flex Project to sweeten the deal! Weekly discussions, monthly goals, and notes from her daycare supervisor earned her elective credit for the experience. It also helped confirm that she wanted to pursue early childhood education after high school!

Credit Flex allowed me to pursue my passions while earning credit towards graduation!
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