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Edmentum’s PLE courseware is online mastery-based curriculum. Most modules contain a tutorial, an application, and a mastery test. Students will work through and gain knowledge about the lesson through the tutorial. They will practice the skill through the application. Then, they will complete the mastery test. Students must score at least 80% to pass each mastery test. If the minimum score is not earned, the mastery test will lock. The student will review the tutorial and practice the application. After reviewing, the mastery test will unlock for the student to take again. We recommend that students take their time and go through all parts of the module (lesson) before taking the mastery test initially.

In order to earn credit, students must:

  • Complete all assignments
  • Score an 80% or above on all mastery tests
  • Complete all post-tests
  • Complete the end of semester test
  • Additionally for Physical Education and English courses, all drop box assignments must earn the required minimum score

Grading Scale

In order to earn credit, students must meet all course requirements by the deadline. For more specific information about the requirements for the course(s) you are taking, please refer to the course syllabi found in the Summer School Course Catalog.

  • A = 90-100%
  • B = 80-89%
  • C = 70-79%
  • D = 60-69% (or 0-69% on post tests and end of semester tests)
  • I = Incomplete (course requirements have not been met)

There are no + or – grades issued. At the end of the program, TRECA will send a transcript to your counselor that includes the course name, final score and letter grade, and credit earned. The counselor will decide what data is recorded on your local school transcript.

Plagiarism Policy

TRECA takes plagiarism very seriously. What is plagiarism? Simply put, it is taking the words or ideas or another person and passing them off as your own – that is, you have failed to "cite," or name, the source from which you collected your information. In plain words, you are copying. Plagiarism may result in being asked to redo the assignment, receiving a 0 for the assignment, or not receiving course credit. Please be sure that all work you submit is your own original work or that it is properly cited.

Getting Started

Download the documents below and view the videos before getting started.

The following video explains how to navigate to your courses and what to do when a test locks.

Checking Progress

The following video shows you how to check your progress.

Drop Boxes

The following video and step sheet explains how to use the drop boxes to turn in your work. Drop boxes will be in English and Physical Education courses only.

MI Write

The following video shows you how to log into MI Write using Clever. Logging in with Clever for MI Write will only be used in English courses.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can take TRECA Summer School courses?

With counselor approval, any student in grade 9-12 in the state of Ohio!

Can I earn credit towards graduation?

Absolutely! Talk with your counselor to explore the best options to meet your needs.

How can I see what courses are available?

All course offerings can be found here.

How much does it cost?

The fee for each semester (.5 credit) course is $95. You can pay online with credit card or through mail using a cashier’s check or money order. Full payment is due before the registration deadline.

How do I register?

You can create an account and register entirely online.

How will I know that I am registered?

TRECA will send an email with your login information the day before classes start.

Do I need to attend in person?

Nope! The coursework is completely online.

What if I experience technical issues or need help getting started in my course?

Dedicated advisors are available to each student. It's important to keep their info on hand. Families receive specific contact details in their getting started email. The TRECA Help Desk is also available Monday-Friday from 8am-4pm. They can be reached by email at or by phone at 888-828-4798, ext: 2791. Before contacting the Help Desk, here are three common solutions to try:

1. Ensure you're using Firefox or Chrome web browser.
2. Check that your pop-up blocker is turned off.
3. Clear your browser history.

How can I make sure that my child is actively participating and making progress in his/her Summer School courses?

Parents, make sure to include your email address in the registration process. We will include you on all communications. The student/guardian are responsible for tracking progress and making sure that all courses meet all requirements for credit by the deadline. Progress is available 24/7 to view and is instantly updated.

What are the requirements for Summer School?

You can log in at your convenience, but should complete work consistently throughout the 8-week program. This ensures that we have ample time to help should you need technical support or assistance with the content. In addition, you should log in on the first day of the program to make sure that you know how to navigate to your courses. If the course requirements are not met by the deadline, your transcript will reflect the final grade "I" (incomplete) and 0 credit.

Are TRECA Summer School courses recognized by NCAA?

Courses completed through TRECA Summer School may not be accepted by the NCAA.

Are extra credit opportunities available?

Sorry! Extra credit is not available.

Are special needs accommodations made in this program?

IEP, 504 and any other accommodations are not provided in TRECA Summer School; therefore, it is important that you speak with your counselor to make sure that online courses are the right option.

How will my school know that I earned credit from TRECA Summer School?

As part of the registration process, you will provide your counselor's contact information. We will use that information to send a transcript to your counselor.

Can I drop my course at any time?

Courses may be dropped only up to the halfway point for the program, four weeks before the program deadline. Courses cannot be dropped after that point. No refunds are given for dropped courses.

Am I eligible to receive a refund?

A student may drop a course and receive a full refund if the cancellation is requested by June 9, 2023 at 4:00pm (EST). Requests must be sent via email to For each refund requested, please include the student's name and identify the course you wish to cancel for a refund.