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January 26, 2018

TRECA student is taking big steps and reaching goals!

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Andrew Panik, twelfth grader at TRECA Digital Academy, continues to reach for the stars! In this case, a life dedicated to the prestigious stars and stripes of the United States Military.

After years of hard work, he is finally steps away from his goal of being accepted into the United States Naval Academy– and ultimately reaching his goal of becoming an officer of the United States Marine Corps. Coming from a military background, this has been a life-long goal of Andrew's. Even his dog is named Lieutenant! And while receiving acceptance into the US Naval Academy may be his ultimate goal, he has been honored with various military nominations. With additional nominations to the United States Military Academy of West Point and the United States Air Force Academy, he is a man with a plan! Or three!

It would be an understatement to say it's "challenging" to enter the US Naval Academy. Candidates must receive a nomination from sources such as congressmen, senators, or the Vice President. Recently, Andrew received two letters of nominations. One was from Ohio 4th District Congressman Jim Jordan, and one was from United States Senator Sherrod Brown. But Andrew's hard work can't stop there!

The US Naval Academy only accepts 9% of candidates, so many other components will play into their final decision. Andrew has stated that his academics and community involvement will be a major contributor! He has shared that this was all made possible by the flexibility offered by online schooling. "TRECA and its staff have been a tremendous help in getting me this far." said Andrew.
We are proud and honored to support him through this process! We have the highest hopes that Andrew will be accepted. Good luck, Andrew!

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December 12, 2017

Digital Academy students attend STEM Day with the Columbus Blue Jackets

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On Tuesday, December 12, TRECA Digital Academy students participated in STEM Day with the Columbus Blue Jackets! The afternoon kicked off with an open skate on the main ice. Students loved being able to skate on the same ice as the players! After the open skate, students and families gathered to watch a video on the Blue Jackets’ founder, John McConnell. Students learned how he started the team and the barriers he overcame to create an NHL team in Columbus. The later half of the afternoon was filled with science, technology, engineering, and mathematics! Students had a Q&A with a panel of professionals from various industries including:

  • Columbus Blue Jackets PA Announcer, Greg Murray
  • IT Solutions Delivery Director at IGS Energy, Matt Keller
  • Application Development Manager at IGS Energy, Rick Kierner
  • Assistant Program Director for OB/GYN Residency at Mount Carmel Health and OSU, Elsie Young.

Students enjoyed asking the panel questions and learning about each of their fields. We learned about their day-to-day job responsibilities, the steps they took to get to where they are today, and also the challenges they face in their field. Their common piece of advice for students was to follow your passion!

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December 04, 2017

TRECA student is headed to iPOP! to pursue acting dreams!

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Aidan Rogers, 7th grader at TRECA Digital Academy, has been selected to audition at the International Presentation of Performers (iPOP!). It’s the largest single event where hundreds of scouts, agents, coaches, and managers are looking for talent! Aspiring performers from over 30 countries come together to train with industry experts and audition in front of professionals.

Aidan’s journey started two months ago when he saw an ad to audition for an acting and modeling workshop in Columbus. Aidan said he’s always been very shy, but always had a secret dream of acting. He said his mom was completely shocked that he wanted to audition!

There were 300 kids at the audition and 25 were selected to participate in the workshop. Aidan made the cut! He received coaching in auditioning techniques, monologues, improv, acting principles, and more. Much of the content was delivered from big Hollywood names including Robert Vito from Spy Kids and famous director and acting coach, Julian Georgeo.

After the workshop, Aidan was personally selected by Julian Georgeo to attend iPOP! in January 2018 in Las Vegas! He is beyond excited about the possibilities! He is hoping to be selected for a commercial, magazine, or even a TV show.

Aidan says he will always continue to meet his goals, maintain honor roll at school, and encourage others to reach for their dreams. We’re so excited that you found your path, Aidan! We will all be rooting for you. Break a leg!

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November 28, 2017

Digital Academy students visit the American Sign Museum

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On Tuesday, November 28, TRECA Digital Academy students participated in a tour of the American Sign Museum! The walking tour encompassed 100 years of sign history, from the late 1800’s through the 1970’s. Students learned about the history of American signage by exploring the “signs of the times.” Signs were split into different eras, and students learned about unique techniques used and design characteristics from each era. The eras consisted of the pre-electric era, the light bulb era, the neon era, and the plastics era. Students also learned about “trade signs” that were made into a shape of an object to represent an industry or field. This was helpful for people who were not able to read, as the symbolism of the sign visually indicated the function of a business. We learned a lot on our field trip to the American Sign Museum! Thank you to all our families who attended!

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November 17, 2017

Digital Academy students visit the Spangler Candy Company

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On Friday, November 17, TRECA Digital Academy students went on a field trip to the Spangler Candy Company in Bryan, OH. The visit began with a scavenger hunt in the Spangler museum that featured historical artifacts and product samples from years past. We learned that in 1906, Arthur Spangler bought the Gold Leaf Baking Powder Company for $450. Spangler moved the company to Bryan, OH and renamed it the Spangler Manufacturing Company. In 1911, they ventured into the candy business, and by 1920 all of their products were candy!

After the scavenger hunt, students hopped on the Dum Dums Trolley and toured the facility! Students learned how they made Dum Dums, Saf-T-Pops, Circus Peanuts, and candy canes! On the tour, students experienced the flavor room, pack out area, laboratory, and more! Spangler makes 10,000 Dum Dums every minute, totaling 12 million every day. They are also the only company left in the United States that makes candy canes, which we learned was a very difficult process! Students and families really enjoyed learning about the candy making process! Thank you to the Spangler Candy Company for a great field trip!

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